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Contact is a facility combining both office space and dormitory hostel (in this stylish building).

We made CONTACT. “People work in Sapporo.” “Travelers come from all over the world.”
Usually, these people don’t meet with each other in daily life. But this place makes it possible to meet workers and travelers to give and take valuable things one another.
“People working in Sapporo” and “People traveling to Sapporo”.
By creating a space where these two different groups of people cross paths, we believe both parties can benefit from exchanging different values and perspectives. Contact was born based on this concept.


bed room, wash room, shower, dining space, kitchen


We are a dormitory hostel where people gather from all over the world.

Our dormitories are located on the 3rd to 6th floors, where people from Japan and all over the world come together.
We always keep our environment clean and safe, so your stay with us will be comfortable.
*Contact is entirely a non-smoking facility.
*Towels and sheets are available for rental.


2 types of dormitories

  • 3F/Female 4F/Mix

    3F/Female 4F/Mix


  • 6F/ Premium

    6F/ Premium

    3,500yen-(You can put in a large luggage, or stand and change clothes.)

We provide a completely private space for each bed, equipped with a reading lamp, electrical outlets (USB included), and a security box.

Guest House Guide

  • Check-Out



  • Light-Off



  • Towels


    We offer free towels (Face towels cost 100 yen)



    Smoking is prohibited in this building. Outside smoking area space is available.

  • Breakfast


    We offer complimentary breakfast from 6:00am to 8:30am.
    *Kindly note there is a limit in quantity.

  • amenity goods

    amenity goods

    • No charge: cotton swabs, shampoos, bath mats, bath towels, earplugs
    • Service charge: razors, toothbrushes, contact lens solution 100yen
    • slippers(only for this building.) 200yen
  • Rental


    • No charge: clothes iron, ironing board, luggage lock
    • Service charge: loungewear 500yen
    • Deposit: phone charger, shoes dryer 500yen


lounge, reception, drink stand, library, event space, work space

Main Lounge ~where travelers and workers meet~

The first floor lounge is where travelers eat their breakfast every morning, but shortly after, the lounge transforms in to an office space. During the day, it is open to anyone as a cafe or co-working space. CONTACT plans a lot of events such as beer parties at night when workers finish their jobs and travelers return to eat dinner at this hostel. Anyone can join these enjoyable events. CONTACT is the best place to meet and connect with new people and things.

How to Use Lounge

You can use this space as a work floor and meeting place.
It is necessary to register when using the lounge for the first time. (Please bring a name seal and an identification card)
Guests and CONTACT members can use the lounge free of charge.

Lounge Price

【Weekdays】9:00~21:00(Last admission is at 19:00pm)
*Aftar 21:00pm and Weekend & Holiday you can use lounge with order 1 drink.

Two hours / With one drink
One day / With two drinks

*The price shown excludes tax
*There is a possibility the lounge can not be used due to capacity

List of services

Wi-fi Outlet
No charge
1F Booth seat (up to 4 people)
No charge
2F Meeting room (up to 8people. Reservation is required.)

*When having a meeting with over 3 people, please use the 1F booth seat or the 2F meeting room.

For anyone interested in Events

You can use this space for events, such as exhibitions, pop up shops, and talk events. Feel free to contact us from the below e-mail address.


share office, meeting room

A share office that provides new encounters among working people in Sapporo.

Our 2F share office, which is available for monthly members only, we gathered interesting workers based in Sapporo. Various people of different occupations, age, gender working in the same environment, may make Sapporo even more interesting. We are more than excited to accommodate you with our share office.

How to use the Share office

It is only available to monthly members
25,000yen/per person, month (Corporate, individual)
Available 24hours. We offer various benefits such as free drinks and discount of guesthouse.



CONTACT[connection, link]

"People working in Sapporo" and "People traveling to Sapporo".
By creating a space where these two different groups of people cross paths, we believe both parties can benefit from exchanging different values and perspectives. Contact was born based on this concept.

Workers and travelers may not seem compatible in the same environment, but this will not be a problem for workers have their jobs from morning to evening and travelers just stay at night and go out in the morning.

The only connection, or "CONTACT" they have with one another is when workers finish their jobs, and the travelers are about to eat dinner.

People who work in Sapporo can find new discoveries and inspirations from travelers who come from all around the world. Travelers who are going to go out and eat dinner can hear recommendations from workers who were born and raised in Sapporo.

Workers in Sapporo meet other workers, travelers meet new travelers, and workers and travelers meet with each other here. This is CONTACT.

We made this slogan “CON + ACT”. This contains a wish for people who connect with new people and make new actions based on their experience here.


5-26-4, Minami2-jo nishi,
Chuo-ku Sapporo-shi,
Hokkaido, 060-0062

TEL : +81-11-522-5548
E-mail :